Nana Namoradze: We are not afraid of death

Cezar salahor: Hi Nana! What happened in the last time, what is the situation in Tshinvali and Gori?

Nana Namoradze: After everything that happened in neighbours are standing in the yard, we are frightened. I imagine what was going on in Tskhinvali and Gori, which is also destroyed completely. Refugees are filling the city again. Some are in sleeping gowns , it is terrible. Russia is showing its real face of agressor and occupant. Our troops have ceased fire yesterday.

C. S.: Are strategic places bombing by russians?

N.N.: Yes, russian aviation continues bombing strategic places all over Georgia.

C.S.: What is the situation with internet?

N.N.: Internet is really being bombed also. But we are singing.:))) You know us. We are not afraid of death.

C.S.: Thank you for the news!

I will be in the office all day and will try to contact you.

We discused with Nana Namoradze, „Ayety” Cable broadband company, located in Tbilisi,programming manager.

Sursa: Prietenii Georgiei


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