Christian Democratic Peoples Party is solidar with HOLODOMOR’s victims

The Parliamentary Fraction of the Christian Democratic People’s Party proposed as a resolution of Parliament concerning the condemning of the Holodomor of 1932 – 1933 in Ukraine. Through this, the Republic of Moldova must follow the example of other democratic states that recognised this tragedy of the Ukrainian nation. The resolution states:

„The necessity to evaluate correctly and in full consistence with the historical past, with all the tragedies and horrors suffered by the peoples from the former Soviet Union

Knowing from the dramatic experience of our nation, the results of the totalitarian Soviet regime, in which millions of guiltless peoples became the victims of a state policy based on terror and the physical destruction of broad social strata,

Understanding that it is impossible to build a strong future without knowledge and a deep and sincere appreciation of the past,

Expressing our solidarity with the Ukrainian citizen, who is a neighbour and strategic partner of our nation,

The Parliament of the Republic of Moldova appreciates that the tragedy of the great famine named HOLODOMOR, which culminated with the death of seven million of innocent people in the 1932 – 1933 period, it was a method of mass destruction through starvation, practiced by Bolshevik regime, which was attempting to destroy the peasantry as a basis of the Ukrainian people, the weakening of the capacity of resistance and of the willpower for liberty and state independence of the Ukrainians…”

This mass tragedy was extended and equally affected the region of Transnistria, the former Moldovan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, which was a part of the Ukrainian Socialist Soviet Republic, as well as some regions from southern Russia such as the North Caucasus, and Kazahstan, which caused the annihilation of other millions of innocent people.


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